Hello there!

Looks like you've managed to find my little site, what a surprise!

Well if you don't know me, my name is Paul, and I'm currently a software engineer at Google, working on accelerated storage in the cloud infrastructure org. I'm interested in operating systems, distributed systems, and many other things in the lower stack of computing. Outside of work, I'm heavily involved with my church, currently serving as a youth counselor for the high school fellowship.

For Minecraft pre-reqs, visit the YSF tab for instructions on how to get a Minecraft account and how to join a Minecraft server.

Sometimes I cover myself in dirt and pretend I'm a lil potato.

What a beautiful specimen.

Season 8

We've finally made it to Minecraft 1.15! After years of being stuck on 1.12.2 because of Forge compatibility issues, we've made it to 1.15.2, now using fabric! For season 8, we're going back to Vanilla, with only a few minor game-changing mods (Iron chest, tree chopping, glass doors) and UI mods (minimap, crafting recipes, Optinfe...etc). As always, we'll be loading our modpack through Technic Launcher. Due to a collection of technical circumstances with fabric mc, we will be using a whitelist this season, please read the instructions carefully to whitelist yourself! To play, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Technic Launcher here.
  2. Install the modpack using the address below. Simply paste the address into Technic Launcher's search bar, and hit install!
  3. Fill out the registration form [here].
  4. Join the PotatoClan server at the server address below!

Season 8 Info:

  • Server:
  • Modpack:

Season 7

Season 7 has concluded! We had a good time building dirt paths, artwork, and machines!

More PotatoClan history to come...

Season 1

Season 1 was the first one, the one where it all began, where all the legends were born.

The year was 2014, and we were just on taking those baby first steps. We didn't have our own modpack yet, and were running a very basic and simple Tekkit modpack. We didn't know what we were doing but discovered a whole new world nonetheless.

We didn't even have automated tree farms yet!

This was the season when we built everything. We built portals using dimensional doors. We built Dexter's lab. We built teleportation hubs using giant computer portals. We used nuclear energy to to drill giant holes and built our first sorting grid. We built giant meat grinders to produce liquid meat to store in our large fluid tanks. We even built a giant villager prison and gollum murder- I mean iron farm!

The first genertion of buildcraft and its pipes!

But more than building, season 1 was the time when we explored. We explored dimensional tears and escaped limbo. We conquered the nether and the end to farm ender pearls. We drank those crazy ender juices and teleported to strange oil mountains, then lit them on fire. We even went beyond the stars!

The stars were super lit, but so is this

But most importantly, season 1 was when all the legends were born. Paul and his thirst for power. The poor man and his buckets of oil. And most importantly, the lesson to never fly a potato. Season 1 was when the potato clan was born.

Notice: The YSF server has officially been shut down! If you want to play more Minecraft, head over to the PotatoClan tab for more info!

Minecraft for YSF!

The time is March, 2020. The coronavirus COVID-19 has shut down most public gatherings in the greater Seattle area. Many students are bored out of their minds as they figure out how to entertain themselves while school is either cancelled or being moved online. As the YSF counselors thought about activities to do, there was an idea to setup a Minecraft server, and naturally the responsibility fell on the person who already has one...

To play Minecraft on the YSF server, you will need to:

  1. Own a Minecraft Java Edition account,
  2. Launch the the game, and
  3. Connect to our server.
  4. Join us on Discord!
Let's get to it, shall we?

1. Own a Minecraft Java Edition account.

You can purchase a copy of Minecraft Java Edition here.

Question: What's the difference between the different editions?

Answer: Minecraft has a long history of being available on different platforms, which leads to different versions across the different platforms today. The main difference today is that the Java Edition does not have cross play with other consoles, but has better mod support, since it has been around longer. It is also available on other operating systems, such as OSX. Our server will be Java Edition because that is the version Paul has, since he purchased it long before the other versions emerged. You can find more information about the different Windows versions here.

2. Launch the game!

Before you can run the game, you will need to make sure your computer has the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 8 or above, installed, which most computers do, since so many different things use them. If not, you can download the installer for your respective operating system here.

After that, simply install Minecraft and run the game! If you haven't downloaded the Minecraft installer yet, you can find them here.

3. Connect to our server!

After you've launched the game, simply click on the Multiplayer tab, and connect to our server!

You can connect to the server in 2 different ways:
  • Direct Connection

    You can open a direct connection to our server.

    First, click on the Direct Connection button.

    Now, type in the address:, and click Join Server!

  • Add Server

    If you choose the Add Server option, the server will be remembered so you don't need to type in the address for the serer the next time.

    First, click on the Add Server button.

    Second, give this server a name of your choosing, enter in the server address, then click Done.

    Now you can click on the server and click Join Server!

4. Join us on discord!

It's always more fun to goof around with your friends when you can talk to them, so join us on discord!

What is Discord?

Discord is chat app used by many people play games. It's totally free, and supports both text and voice communication, which can be split across different channels so you can have conversations with your friends while you play. It also supports streaming so you can show your friends what you're playing.

How to join us on Discord

First, you'll need to launch Discord, which you can find here. You can launch it from the web browser, download the app on your computer, or download it on your mobile device. Once you've downloaded the app or opened the webpage, it will prompt you to make an account if you don't have one already.

Once you're signed in, simple click the + button on the left side, which should also say Add a Server when you hover your mouse over it. You'll need an invite link, which you can get by contacting Paul at (I would post a discord invite link here, but they do expire)

Talk to you online!

Happy playing!


The server is full! What do I do?

Answer: Unfortunately, this server isn't being hosted on anything fancy, as that requires money. Instead, it is being run on Paul's personal server, which has limited computing power. For that reason, the server has a limit for how many people can play on it at the same time. If the server is full and you can't join, you'll have to wait for someone else to leave before you can join.

I've never played Minecraft before! What do I do?

Answer: There are lots of Youtube videos of people playing Minecraft out there, you can check those out! Otherwise, you can visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information.